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Finding Joy

When my kids were younger, they would come home from school complaining about many small issues. To them, they were big, but in fact, looked at differently, they were small. I pondered on how to turn this around. The one thing was I would listen to their complaints as long as they told me 3 good things first. Well, the complaining lessened. I don’t know if they found something good about school or they struggled with finding good comments about school. They were hard days.

Looking back, they were also good days. Someone told me, little children, little problems, big children…

This morning I listened to a video about finding joy in your life and not shame, sadness, or blame about the past. The things in your past brought you here. Find 3 good things in your life and connect them back because I’m sure you wouldn’t understand the joy without the thing that brought you pain or unhappiness.

Best thing we can do for a baby on the way is to help bring happiness to Mom and Dad and help to fill the environment with happiness and joy. Also, Mom needs good food, like fresh vegetables and fruits. She also needs a good vitamin and mineral supplement as does Dad because he will be needed to help. If other children are in the home, they need enlightenment, joy, and positive thoughts. I know it is hard when money is short. I have been the Mom expecting a new baby and I compared all my pregnancies to my attitudes and the foods I ate while pregnant. Since then I spent time studying and reading books. They all concur with my feelings and my insights to those around me having children.

Contribute happy thoughts, happy words, and maybe invite Mom, Dad, and family to a meal. Keep things inviting and fun. If there is an abundance, share with the family. Lack of nutrition in or out of the womb can cause a mental handicap.

Also, children–small and adults will thrive with touch. You touch a person in many ways. When my little grandson Sweet J is with me, first thing in the morning, I hug him and then kiss his cheeks, the top of his head, his cute hands, and then his feet–which makes him giggle. He likes it when I rub the back of his neck and then touch his arms, telling him how strong his arms are. Then to his hands and fingers and telling him he has capable hands and fingers and that they are strong. I tell him all the things he’ll be able to do with them. I touch his mouth and tell him his smile is beautiful and that his words make me smile. I emphasize using good words. I continue  to all the parts of him that makes him strong, i.e., ears, eyes, legs, knees, feet, joints. He smiles as I tell him. I let him know he is good and that he’s smart.

These things are easy as they are small, but as the children get older and then become adults, we have to find other ways to help them build their strength. Sometimes, we’re not so happy with the choices they make and we tell them rather than let them know the good things they do. It’s what I have to work on myself, but isn’t it so much better to tell them something good about them and listen because when all is said and done I am still the Mom and they are still my children and they still want us to be happy about something for them just as they were excited to show us their first painting from school.



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