This site is about helping families find the best nutrition and help for kids.

It was 1989 and I’d finally gotten to see the movie Parenthood. I laughed and cried through the movie. The part where the parents were in the principal’s office and the teacher was telling them about their son’s progress, Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen looked at each other talking about what could have caused their son to have emotional issues fitting into the mold of the classroom, I was the only one laughing. If you don’t laugh, you cry and I was at a point in life where the school was calling me all the time because of what is deemed learning disabilities as opposed to learning differences. I was on the 5th year of such conversations and terms such as “shallow end of the gene pool. three short of a 6-pack,” and thoughts of being whispered about behind my back because people just thought I was a “bad parent,” or oh my, the tag of “dysfunctional family,” ran through my head. What was wrong with me? What was wrong with my beautiful sons? Why didn’t we fit in? I felt entirely alone. We were all looney tunes. I knew I needed help, but what kind?

Dysfunction wasn’t something people talked about. It was something hidden behind closed doors and we tried to maintain a “public image” when leaving our  home. I kept the blinds closed often, so the world couldn’t leak in. I dreaded going back to school after a break or a weekend.

I wasn’t alone. I just didn’t know who to talk to to or really who to “trust.”

People are allowed to talk about their substance abuse, alcoholism, or anything else other than learning problems, ADD, ADHD, or even mental issues. Luckily, things have evolved enough for parents to seek out help, but it’s still unacceptable to be different.

I remember phrases such as–“Einstein was a late bloomer,” or “People told Edison’s mother he needed to be put in an institution,” and my all time favorite was “God knew you could handle these kids.” And the reference of “These kids,” really irritated me. “We don’t prepare ‘These Kids’ for college.

As parents, we want “These kids” to be healthy, productive, understood, but most of all self-loved.

I’ve since learned that many things could be helped by essential vitamins and minerals that perhaps was missing because we weren’t totally aware of the ingredients in foods we fed our children or perhaps there wasn’t enough money at times to feed them more than ramen noodles and beans and a glass of milk.

This blog is dedicated to helping Moms, Dads, Grandparents, or anyone else searching for answers with a place to post information or questions, so that someone may not feel they are drowning in “the shallow gene pool.” It’s really not shallow at all, just misunderstood and misdiagnosed at times. It is also here to help post and find  info on education and nutrition, which starts with a future mom and her prenatal care.

I’ve heard from an OBGYN a young woman should take prenatal vitamins long before she gets pregnant, sometimes as soon as she starts having menstruation cycles. So please, do research and keep yourself healthy. Even in spirit.


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